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Too Scared to Move Letting Agent?

Posted on March 20, 2016 by Carol in Landlords

Too Scared to Move Letting Agent??

Over many years working in residential lettings, I’ve regularly attended networking and business/social events and I’ve been amazed at how often over these years, on meeting a landlord who uses an agent, I’ve listened to them bang on about how dreadful their current letting agent is – rent is never in their bank account when promised, they are never notified of repairs, having to tell their story half a dozen times when contacting the agent for information because it’s a different person he speaks to every time they call, etc, etc.

So I usually ask them, ‘Why don’t you move agent then?’  They turn to me with a look of abject horror!  ‘Move?!’ they exclaim, ‘Oh, no – couldn’t be bothered with all the hassle of moving agent.  I’m just stuck with them!  They’re all the same’.

Well – you know, NOT all agents are the same!  Just like every other business, there are good and bad examples of customer service and no landlord should be made to feel that they have no option but to ‘grin and bear it’.

Many landlords are too uncomfortable with the idea of going into their current property manager and telling them that they wish to move their property to another agency.  They are scared that it will cause problems with the rental income and that may stop or be delayed.  They may be concerned that the tenant will decide to move as they won’t know the new agent…… and the list of worries goes on.

However, I’m here to tell you that it should be a simple procedure to move managing agent and there is no need for concern.  Landlords should be moving agent if they feel they are not getting the service they were promised and are paying for.  To be honest, if more landlords voted with their feet, these failing agents within the industry would have to sit up and take notice and improve their standards in order to continue in business.

With Ardanach, moving is simple. If you are unhappy with your current agent and wish to place your property under our management, all you are required to do is complete your Confirmation of Service form and email your current agent to advise that you are moving and that we will be in touch with them to facilitate the move.  There is no charge to move to our management if your property has a sitting tenant.

We will then contact your outgoing agent to agree the best date for takeover, taking the rent payment date into account.  Once we are in receipt of the tenants’ details, we will contact them to advise them of the change and arrange to go out and meet with them to introduce ourselves.  This is also helpful as we can ascertain from them whether there are any outstanding issues to be dealt with e.g. repairs.  We arrange for the transfer of standing order in our favour and report back to you after the meeting.  Thereafter, it should only require a visit by us to the outgoing agent to uplift certificates, documentation and any emergency keys.

So if you feel you are being short changed as far as your current service is concerned, give us a call to find out how we can do better!


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