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Ayrshire Named One of the UK's Most Affordable Places to Buy a Property

It’s official, Ayrshire towns have taken the top spot on the list of the most affordable places to live in the UK.

Zoopla recently took stock of the greatest places in the UK to buy a home and settle down, which they’ve based on overall house prices in comparison to a typical couple’s gross annual income.

Ayrshire & Arran

And to no surprise at all (well, no surprise to me, anyway), the result was that all of Scotland’s wonderful hotspots can be found not only across the North of Ayrshire but in the South and the East of Ayrshire too.

Kilbirnie and Cummock also managed to rank third and fourth place, while Stevenston, Irvine and Girvan also proudly boast a top 10 spot.

There is no other region of Scotland that makes the top of this list.

So what’s the secret?

Well, according to Zoopla, Ayrshire’s wonderful affordability is linked to two key factors:

  • Strong local earnings

  • Reasonably priced properties.

In fact, average house prices in all of the towns mentioned above come in below £65,000!

And when it comes to first-time buyers, Ayrshire is even more of a treat. Thanks to Ayrshires stunning surrounding areas, such as the green moorlands and rolling hills, more and more first-time buyers and renters appear to be moving away from the city (Glasgow is only a mere 40 minutes away, after all) and into the coast.


But what makes Ayrshire so affordable?

Apparently, it’s the lower prices of property (a whopping 12% lower, in fact) combined with higher earnings (which are up 17% when compared with 2015). What more could you possibly ask for?

Not only that, but the actual type of property on offer in Ayrshire means that every need and preference is catered for, no matter what your dream home may be. And of course, if you happen to be looking to make the most of the mouth-watering seafood and mind-blowing coastal scenery, properties available along the Firth and the Clyde are absolutely plentiful.

Not really your style? No problem. Town Centre apartments, which makes commuting to Glasgow so easy that it’ll feel like you live right in the heart of it, are plentiful too.

Ayrshire Town Cetre

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of other great reasons why Ayrshire should be the place where you hang your hat:

  • Ayrshire’s wonderful placement on the coast means that the county is home to some of Scotland’s most charming beaches. Croy, Dunure, Ayr, Troon, Largs and Turnberry all offer Ayrshire’s residents crisp sandy shores and clear, tranquil waters.

  • Ayrshires offers superb transport links to Glasgow and other surrounding cities, so if you ever feel the need to throw yourself back into the hustle and bustle of the city, you can do so very easily. And when it comes to flying, that’s catered for too, thanks to Glasgow Prestwick Airport being located in the north of Prestwick, South Ayrshire.

  • When it comes to what to do in your free time, Ayrshire has it all. Kayaking opportunities, extensive golf courses, a treasure trove of historic castles, monastery buildings and white rendered cottages. And if you’re a foodie? We have great news: Ayrshire’s coastal position means that not only is plentiful seafood, so is Scottish lamb. The county is renowned for its potato growing - and who doesn’t love potatoes?

After reading all that, hopefully, there’s only one more question on your mind: how soon can you get here!?

For any help, advice or tips about moving to Ayrshire, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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