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Top Things Every Landlord Should Know.

Whether you’ve just bought your very first property in Scotland or fifth, being a landlord can be an exciting role where the possibilities are endless. Other than staying up-to-date with what's happening in our market and making sure that all regulations have been met for landlords alike; there is also something satisfying about watching first-hand how these properties flourish over time!

With experience in the property market for many years, our team has seen it all. To help you avoid any surprises and keep on top of things that are essential to know as a landlord we have created this list with five important points that every landlord should know.

Remain Aware of the Property Market

Landlords should remain aware of what's happening in the property market since it can change at any moment. You'll have a much better idea of how to market your home as well as get an idea about pricing expectations for yourself through regular research into current conditions and trends within that area.

Understand the Facilities in Your Property’s Location

Knowing the local neighbourhood that your property is located in can significantly affect how well you position it. For instance, here Ayrshire there are some excellent schools so one might want to market their homes as family-friendly neighbourhoods with good infrastructure and access for commuting into work each day!

Likewise, if they’re on our commuter belt we would recommend converting them into apartments because of high demand among young professionals who enjoy living close by but don't have enough room themselves yet or just prefer having something separate from home at times.

Ensure that your Property is up to Scratch

We know that when you rent out a property, your top priority is making sure it meets certain requirements. You need to ensure the space can be liveable and safe for any tenants who move in; we've got everything here at Ardanach Lettings covered!

You should make sure that you have all of these things covered before renting out any homes or apartments:

1) Are there enough smoke alarms in place? Do they work properly?

2). Is wheelchair access possible through this door?

3). Do I need additional deadbolts on my doors?

Property wheelchair access

For more information on what's required before renting out an apartment or house—or even just looking into becoming self-sufficient with our range of bespoke solutions-talk through these issues today by contacting us now so they won't pose problems later down the line.

Set Aside Some Money for Emergencies

As a landlord, you should always be prepared. To remain within your budget and have enough money for emergencies such as repairs or if someone leaves without notice it’s important that landlords set aside some emergency funds They may need these before they know why anything goes wrong so make sure there is plenty in case any issues arise!

We are always here to help! Get in touch with our team at Ardanach Lettings for expert advice on renting out your property, especially if you need any guidance regarding tenancy agreements or other legal aspects on 01563 595028.

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