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Our COVID-19 Journey

The last few months have been a whirlwind for all of us in business in different ways.

As a company, our main priority was keeping our tenants safe whilst still continuing to do our duties efficiently.

We also wanted to ensure our landlords and tenants felt as informed as possible.

One thing I personally chose to do was to send a bi-weekly video to my landlords to ensure they felt a personal touch of comfort and support from ourselves at this difficult time.

I explained in detail how we were going about our business and looking after their property and tenants to ensure the property was still well maintained and their tenants were still able to pay their rent.

When we were able to look at returning to the office, we installed a Perspex screen at our reception desk along with an appointment system and of course, plenty of PPE to ensure our clients could come in and feel safe with us.

The season has taught us a lot but also challenged us to do better.

For our tenants and landlords reading this, if there is anything additional that we can do to support you, please contact our team, we would love to support you.

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