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The Importance of Property Inspections

One huge tip I would offer to any current or budding landlords, is to ensure you do regular inspections of your rental properties.

I know it can be difficult to remember or make time to do this if you manage your property yourself, but it is so worth it.

I have seen clients who have what appears to be amazing tenants, trust them without regular inspections.

The problem is those tenants are not you, and the way they care for a property might not be how you would.

For the sake of a 10 minute visit every three months, an inspection can highlight some great steps of prevention.

You can connect with your tenant and see how they are; foresee any changes in their circumstances and therefore how they will pay their rent.

You can foresee any repairs work required, either damage caused by the tenant or general wear and tear.

As a company we have created our 'Landlords Must Have Checklist' which you can download your own copy of by clicking here.

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