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What do Tenants Look for when Renting in 2022?

It is important for landlords to understand what features tenants look for when finding a property to rent. Some landlords find it very tricky to pinpoint exactly what renters are looking for, while some tenants struggle to find a property that meets their needs. This blog covers what landlords can do to boost their tenant interest.

1. Good Location

For people looking to rent, location is a big priority. Home location makes a big difference. Many people are more interested in renting properties within close proximity to local shops, amenities and transport links, as well as being a reasonable distance to their workplace.

house location

Of course, you can’t change the location of your current rental property but if you are thinking about purchasing a buy-to-let, landlords should consider appealing locations.

Tenants prefer to live close to local shops and amenities. This is especially true if they don't drive or if transport links are limited. Having a GP, pharmacy, convenience store nearby is important, as well as school catchment areas for families. Landlords should include all local and nearby amenities in the property advert description.

2. Outdoor Space

Many tenants would prefer having their own outdoor space, whether that be a sizable garden, small outdoor patio or balcony. If these options aren't available then being local to park is often a selling point for tenants, especially those with younger children.

House with patio

Since the pandemic, outdoor spaces have become particularly popular as people realised how important it was to have that outdoor space. If the property has a garden, it is a good idea for landlords to update and improve the space to make it more attractable to prospective tenants. This can also increase the value of the property.

3. Security and Safety

Everyone wants to feel in their home and the same goes for tenants. Secure homes mean safe areas. Most people wouldn't choose to rent a home in a property with a high crime rate because location and safety go hand in hand. Renters also love the reassurance of working CCTV security systems, alarms and sturdy locks on the doors and windows.

To make tenants feel even more secure, landlords can install additional CCTV security cameras, and add extra locks to the property. Organising a mid-term inspection to view the property is also recommended for landlords to ensure everything is in working order. This gives the tenants an opportunity to raise queries or concerns they may have about the property.

4. Parking and Transport Links

For drivers, having a designated parking space is sought after. If landlords have the room, giving tenants access to a parking space or garage will help their property become more attractive. Any home with parking is a bonus!

transport link

For commuters or students, transport links are a big selling point. It is a good idea to highlight the transport links in your property advert. Nearby bus or train stations will attract interest and easy access to major roads is also ideal.

5. Being Pet Friendly

Often, people with pets struggle to find landlords that will accept them as tenants.

Pet friendly homes for rent can be hard to find

With less than one in ten rental properties advertised as pet friendly, properties can stand out if landlords choose to allow pets. Allowing pets can encourage potential tenants to stay in their agreement for longer, giving the landlord much more financial security.

If you're looking to let your property or are looking for a property to rent, get in touch today for expert advice and help with the current market.

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